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Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio with Lisa Kamen features the Veterans Preservation Corp., May 18

Veterans Preservation Corp, HH4Heroes, Preservation Arts, New Directions, Heritage Square Museum, Lisa Kamen, Charles Kibby, veteran support, supporting our veterans, PTSD, re-development, veteran opportunities, restoring hope, finding fulfillment, finding purpose, reintegrating veterans,  reintegration training and counseling, counseling for veterans, retraining veterans, new directions for veterans, Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, Harvesting HappinessFour Los Angeles based partner companies and organizations have come together to for the Veterans Preservation Corp.  Each partner brings a niche value to the new program, offering post combat Vets a full spectrum of opportunity to re-enter the workforce after battling the effects of PTSD.  Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, New Directions Veterans residential living center, Heritage Square Museum and Preservation Artsplan to offer homeless Veterans a skill education in the niche industry of reconstructing, rebuilding and preserving historic buildings (such as the Los Angeles Public Library), as their cornerstone of the Veterans Preservation Corp.   

June 17th, 2011 marks a unique day of celebration for the newly-founded Veterans Preservation Corp, which will host a graduation ceremony at 12:30 pm at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles, CA for the first 6 post combat veterans to have successfully completed the Corps 12 week pilot course in historic building restoration.  The program included tasks that were rotated so each worked gained the full scope of skills involved.  Historic preservation work is not just about constructions skill, however.  This project began with a series of classroom lectures on design, colors and materials, and specific historical period and architectural design elements.   

Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio welcomes members of the VPC on May 18 to discuss their upcoming premier event and provide an overview of the impetus which brought them together.  Preservation Arts founder, Charles Kibby is quoted saying, “This is an outstanding opportunity for veterans of all backgrounds to come together in preserving not only the historic buildings of our nation, but to honor and preserve the heritage of the Veterans own contribution to the history of our nation.”   

Find your Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen every Wednesday at 9 am PST/12 pm EST on Toginet.com! For more information, visit Lisa’s website, www.harvestinghappiness.com .


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