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Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Welcomes Naomi Kryske and Jody Bremer May 22nd

Naomi_KryskeNaomi Kryske is a Hurricane Katrina survivor whose fear and helplessness in the devastating Category 5 storm gave her insight into traumatic stress. Determined not just to survive the experience but to triumph over it, she wrote The Witness, an intense crime/suspense novel set in London and told from the victim’s point of view. Naomi shares with us that overcoming PTSD comes in many formats, and for her, it was writing fiction. To learn more about Naomi and her work, visit: www.naomikryske.com

Jody_BremerJody Bremer is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jody received a special certification and verification from the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists in Working with Military and Their Families in Private Practice. Servicemen from the Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force are a significant specialty, allowing her to provide personalized care for all of the military members and their families struggling with the specific hardships the military incurs, such as long-term separations, deployments, and PTSD. To learn more about Jody and her work, visit: www.jodybremer.com

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Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Welcomes James Clear February 20th

James_ClearJames Clear is on a mission to make the world well and the founder of The Art of Becoming Better. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and travel photographer in 18 countries. His writing has been featured by US News & World Report, American Express, Yahoo, Lifehacker, and dozens of other businesses and media outlets. His photography was nominated for the Travel Photographer of the Year award for his work covering the September 11th Memorial in New York City. You can follow his work at www.jamesclear.com .

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Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Welcomes Sarah Steffen and Shanna McCord January 23rd

SteffenSarah 005 WebsizeSarah Steffen is the Marketing Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity for San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys. She attended San Diego State University and interned for the San Diego State Marketing and Communications Department, working on news and profile stories. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies and a minor in English. She enjoys doing what she loves while giving back and advocating for the community.

Shanna_McCordShanna McCord  is currently a Journalist for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. She has been a television and newspaper reporter for 17 years and covered military issues while working in Yuma, AZ. She will  share with us a fantastic article she wrote about a man, Dr. Peter Linnerooth,  who took his own life after a long time battle with PTSD.

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Turning Negativity into Positivity by Lisa Cypers Kamen and What is Your Happiness
August 1, 2011, 9:03 pm
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Lisa Cypers Kamen Harvesting Happiness

Lisa Cypers Kamen Harvesting Happiness

 By Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness

Negative emotions such as worry, anger, fear, and resentment are called negative emotions because they lead to thoughts that drain away our time, energy and forward direction.  Can you remember a time when you were feeling good, working on something or perhaps enjoying time with friends and then a worry or resentful feeling washed over you and lead to some negative thoughts? Pretty soon you find yourself feeling lousy, not wanting to participate and you might sit down and feel really terrible not wanting to do much of anything except feel bad.

That’s how negative emotions and thoughts derail us on the happy journey of life.  Now let’s look at the reverse.  Think about a time where you feel joy, elation, hope, and excitement.  Do you feel the power?   You can actually feel your power levels rise and you start moving – talking, dancing, creating and living.  So next time you find yourself down in the dumps, worrying, feeling angry, fearful or having resentments change your thoughts to something brighter and feel those negative emotions fall away.   In a positive state you can then do something about the situation that is related to those negative emotions and solve the problem.

Independent filmmaker, author, happiness coach and speaker Lisa Cypers Kamen creates these blogs to entertain, enlighten and educate us as we each undertake our own personal search for happiness. Happiness is an Inside Job. To contact Lisa, email her directly at lisa@whatisyourhappiness.com and check out her websites at www.whatisyourhappiness.com , www.harvestinghappiness.com  , and www.hh4heroes.org   and listen to her on  www.harvestinghappinesstalkradio.com or download her show at  www.itunes.com.

Harvesting Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen brings to the airwaves a fresh talk radio approach promoting happiness, well-being and global human flourishing by presenting a diverse and proactive collection of the greatest thinkers and doers who have devoted their lives to creating a better world in which to live. She is an expert in creating happiness, finding pathways to happiness, and building a happiness formula in her happiness workshops. If you are looking for how to become a happier person, tune in weekly at www.toginet.com Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EST.

Harvesting Happiness for Heroes is a pending 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation. Our mission objective is to offer support services to Warriors and Warrior families challenged by Combat Trauma, PTSD and post-deployment reintegration issues.  We offer Battle Buddy workshops, family awareness training, online community support, one-on-one coaching services, as well as retreats for Warriors to decompress from battle and understand the tools available for them to adapt their military skills to civilian society.

Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio hosted by Lisa Kamen welcomes Michael Chase of The Kindness Center, December 8th

Michael Chase, The Kindness Center, Lisa Kamen, Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness, Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, Finding Happiness, Being Kind, H-FactorOn the next Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio program, Lisa welcomes Michael Chase of the Kindness Center.  Michael began The Kindness Center with the Vision of creating a more peaceful and kindhearted world.  Located in the beautiful state of Maine, he is accomplishing this by inspiring kindness in schools, the workplace, and in everyday life.  Through his programs and events, Michael reveals the secrets to true happiness and the incredible benefits of a heart-centerd lifestyle.

Affectionately known as “The Kindness Guy”, Michael is an author, inspirational speaker and a powerful voice for creating a kinder world.  At the age of thirty-seven, following a life-changing epiphany, Michael ended a successful photography career to begin The Kindness Center. He overcame many obstacles and personal challenges in his life.  Despite being raised in an unkind environment, he has made it his life’s mission to spread kindness across the globe.  His passionate keynote presentations have inspired thousands by revealing the secrets to true happiness and how we can all create a better world.

Find your Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen every Wednesday at 12 pm EST on Toginet.com! For more information, visit Lisa’s website, www.harvestinghappiness.com.

Seeds of Joy Lead To Harvesting Happiness On Air With Lisa Cypers Kamen

Tyler, TX — On Wednesday, November 17th at 11:00 am CST, happiness hits the airwaves of online talk radio with Toginet.com’s newest show Harvesting Happiness with filmmaker, motivational speaker and writer, Lisa Cypers Kamen.  Toginet’s new host will air her show with special guest Kelly Wallace, the Associate Director of Marketing for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Grateful Nation Organization, in Boston Massachusetts.  As a Master’s graduate in the field of spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Kamen’s show will focus on recognizing and cultivating joy in one’s life, in any given situation, to self-create happiness and enjoy the benefits of living it.  Kamen has developed a specialized program for returning military personnel and their families experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, to help them reawaken joy in their hearts and clarity of heart, as they undergo reintegration into civilian life after deployment.  Harvesting Happiness will feature interviews with industry experts, philanthropists, charitable organization heads and individuals of interest sharing their personal stories of their road to finding happiness.

Kamen’s official introduction into the world of philanthropy came while preparing for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Union Institute & University in 2006. Kamen produced a 10 minute documentary reflecting her journey through India, titled A Passage Through India-Diamonds in the Rough, which helped to fund the Sulaxmi School for Girls in Luknow, India.  Kamen’s latest documentary film, H-Factor. . . Where is your Heart?, was co-produced by her thirteen year old daughter after they took a trip to India and witnessed an undeniable spirit of joy among the third world country’s impoverished citizens.  Kamen’s film opened doors of opportunity to be a guest lecturer on how to find happiness in various circumstances, at prestigious colleges and universities such as the University of Southern California, and landed her a position as a consultant to Project+, a multidisciplinary research project on happiness and how it can impact the world.  Kamen’s efforts have lead her to be a well recognized figure in her field, garnering interest in her happiness workshops from audiences across the nation. Kamen’s show, produced by on-line talk radio network Toginet.com, will make her guests’ stories, personal research discoveries, and workshop content available on a weekly basis to a national listening audience, and hopes to raise awareness for the important role that happiness plays in a long and healthy life. 

Kamen has teamed up with GratefulNation.org which focuses on national awareness for their message of “an attitude of gratitude”, utilized within the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center patient and staff community.  The organization sponsors outreach events to further its message of cultivating gratitude and publishes a quarterly newsletter Giving Matters, which features the literal and theoretical impact of philanthropy on individuals and communities as a whole.  When asked about her personal secret to happiness, Kamen states, “Happiness is an inside job.”

About Lisa Cypers Kamen:
Harvesting Happiness is a national radio show hosted by author, filmmaker and spiritual psychologist, Lisa Cypers Kamen.  Lisa resides in Los Angeles, California with her family where she is an avid philanthropist, with an expanding demand for her happiness workshops nationwide.  Kamen is currently seeking corporate sponsorship of her campaign, to better and consistently serve the military community and the public at large.  Please visit www.harvestinghappiness.com for more information.

About Toginet:
Toginet.com is the premiere on-line talk radio production company in the industry, committed to providing excellence in live show production quality podcasts and re-podcast accessibility.  The company’s brick and mortar studio is based in Tyler, TX where the company’s full production staff works to create customized interfaces, live commercials and CD quality sound for over 70 talk radio hosts, in varying genres.  Toginet Entertainment offers quality shows for serious hosts.

Harvest Happiness Comes To Toginet! by Lisa Cypers Kamen

Harvesting Happiness, Lisa Cypers Kamen, H-Factor: Where Is Your HeartI am excited to launch my new program on the Toginet.com radio network, “Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio”. 

“Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio” will be a fresh talk radio approach promoting happiness, well-being and global human flourishing by presenting a diverse and proactive collection of the greatest thinkers and doers who have devoted their lives to creating a better world in which to live.

The goal of the program is to empower and assist others in flourishing through awareness, intention and self‐mastery.

Tune in Wednesdays at 12 noon, EST at www.Toginet.com and click on Live On Air. Podcasts of the show will be available on the show’s page on Toginet.com and on the shows webpage, www.harvestinghappinesstalkradio.com.