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Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Welcomes Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener and Cheryl Hunter May 29th

Robert Biswas-DienerDr. Biswas-Diener is widely known as the “Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology” because his research on happiness has taken him to such far-flung places as Greenland, India, Kenya and Israel. Dr. Biswas-Diener is a leading authority on strengths, culture, courage, and happiness. He has published dozens of scholarly articles and multiple books on diverse psychological topics. He is best known for his pioneering work in the application of positive psychology. Dr. Biswas-Diener is the foremost authority on positive psychology coaching and has consulted with a wide range of international organizations on performance management and leadership development. To learn more about Dr. Biswas-Diener and his work, visit: http://positiveacorn.com/  

Cheryl_HunterCheryl Hunter was born and reared in the remote Colorado Rocky Mountains. She is a cowgirl who grew up on a horse ranch, training horses and riding rodeo. Today, Cheryl is a bestselling author, speaker and high-performance expert who specializes in providing Fortune 100 caliber coaching for individuals. Her expertise is in guiding her clients to architect a very specific blueprint for their businesses and their lives that produces dramatic results in a very short window of time. Cheryl was drawn to her work as a result of her own life path; she overcame a traumatic, life-altering experience that ignited a strong desire to contribute to others. To learn more about Cheryl and her work, visit: http://cherylhunter.com/

 Find your Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen every Wednesday at 9 am PST/12 pm EST on www.toginet.com/shows/harvestinghappiness ! For more information, visit Lisa’s websites, www.hh4heroes.orgwww.harvestinghappinesstalkradio.com , and http://harvestinghappiness.com 

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