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Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Welcomes Bekah Eden, Terence Davis, Hannah Mulholland, and Abe McDonald December 28th

Beckah Eden, Lisa Kamen, Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio

At a very young age Bekah dreamed of writing music that would touch nations. Her love for music was instantaneous. Her life dramatically changed once she started writing fluently.  Writing music isn’t just a hobby for her, it is an expression of who she is. When she writes, she begin to feel things change in the atmosphere and the words she has written have brought breakthroughs into her life, as well as  the lives of others. At the end of the day songwriting is her creative outlet that aids her in releasing her deepest feelings and thoughts.

Eden feels compelled to be a voice to the voiceless. To bring justice to those who feel forgotten and misunderstood, and because of her desire to help, she’s decided to commit her talent for the greater good of giving back. Her new direction landed her an opportunity with a national level organization called, Harvesting Happiness for Heroes. Her new song “InBetween,” coming soon to iTunes was written specifically for Wounded Warriors and Veterans across the world. It is a song of hope, direction and change. A voice for all those who may feel the loss of innocence and dignity.

Visit: http://bekaheden.com/ for more information

Terence Davis, Lisa Kamen, Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness Talk RadioTerence Davis, President and Founder of Great Music, began as a musician in many bands. He graduated from University Of Wisconsin (Oshkosh) and Marquette University as well as The New York Institute of Finance and was trained as a NYSE Stockbroker.

He has sold more songs than most major recording artists! Terence started Great Music in 1998 as a supplier of audio for the toy industry. He then expanded his enterprise to include songs, jingles & sound design for Radio, TV, theater & Film.

He serves on the Board of Directors for the Malibu Symphony Association, Pepperdine University Crest Associates, Malibu Stage Company, and he is the founder of the Malibu Music Festival and the Malibu Music Awards. Terence Davis is currently involved in a number of live event, motion picture and internet projects.

Visit: www.greatmusicstudio.com for more information

Hannah Mulholland, Lisa Kamen, Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness Talk RadioHannah Mulholland is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Malibu, California. At a young age, Hannah knew that she loved music and performing, and began to play piano at 5 years old. She was very inspired by artists like Faith Hill growing up, which pushed her to write music of her own, in hopes that one day Faith Hill’s songwriters would write for her.

As time went on, songwriting became her passion, and at the age of 12 decided to teach herself how to play guitar. Since then, she has been writing and performing as much as possible, and has been lucky enough to play in venues such as The Cabana Club, and The Whisky A’Go Go, among many others.

Hannah also participated in the 2011 season of American Idol, where she made it to the top 100. She has also performed for countless fundraisers and events around the city of Malibu. This past year, she was asked to perform at the Miss Malibu Beauty Pageant, and was selected as the “Upcoming Female Vocalist Of Malibu” at the 2011 Malibu Music Awards. She is currently in the process of making her debut album.

Visit: http://www.hannahmulhollandmusic.com/ for more information

Abraham McDonald’s victory on the first ever Oprah Show Karaoke Challenge earned him an exclusive contract with the Island Def Jam Music Group.As Oprah aired  his return to the show, Abraham’s debut single, “Miracle,” was starting a 48-hour free download at http://www.islanddefjam.com/abraham. The single impacts at Urban AC radio on April 26th, and Mainstream AC radio on May 3rd.  “Miracle” was produced by the successful production team of Sam Watters and Louis Biancaniello (Whitney Houston, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, and Jessica Simpson, to name a few).

His win on Oprah’s contest (which included live performances on three shows) was the culmination of a life-long journey to share his musical artistry with the world.  It all began when Abraham won the ACT-SO talent contest at age 13 with his version of Oleta Adam’s “Get Here” – the same song that won him Oprah’s first prize years later.

Visit: http://mrabrahammcdonald.com  for more information

Nothing gives Happiness like a Free Holiday gift!


Find your Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen every Wednesday at 9 am PST/12 pm EST on Toginet.com! For more information, visit Lisa’s websites, www.harvestinghappiness.com, www.harvestinghappinesstalkradio.com, and www.hh4heroes.org.


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