H-Factor Where Is Your Heart


By Lisa Cypers Kamen

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is a day when most people take a moment and reflect on what they are most thankful for – but does there only have to be one day of the year to do so?

Here’s something easy to try this Thanksgiving and every day: think of your “just for today” list of things you are thankful for or feel blessed to have in your life. For example, you might say ‘Just for today, I won’t get irritated at my kids’ or ‘Just for today, I won’t worry about the cost of filling the car with gas.’

You could start your mornings out this way. You can think about your family, friends, and your good health and how thankful you are for these things in your life. Don’t worry about the things you have to do in the day or how busy your life is…just take a few minutes and stop to count your blessings.

It takes practice and determination to stick with it some days. We all have mornings that our first thought is that we wish we could just stay in bed all day, or immediately some worry comes to mind. There may be times when you need that cup of coffee before you can go through your list, and that’s okay.

You may lose patience occasionally when your kids fight for what seems like the millionth time on who gets to sit in the front seat or when the person in front of you at the bank drive up has ten transactions, but it will help you keep focused on what is really important in life.

Independent filmmaker, author, happiness coach and speaker Lisa Cypers Kamen creates these blogs to entertain, enlighten and educate us as we each undertake our own personal search for happiness.  Happiness is an Inside Job. To contact Lisa, email her directly at lisa@whatisyourhappiness.com and check out her websites at www.whatisyourhappiness.com & www.harvestinghappiness.com .


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