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What is Your Happiness? What does happiness mean to you? By Lisa Cypers Kamen

By Lisa Cypers Kamen, What is Your Happiness?

Over the years I have asked many people what it is that happiness means to them. The following are just a few of the answers I received from people ages 3 to 96.

–Happiness is dreaming of riding a unicorn through cotton candy clouds.—Emily, 7

–Happiness is a handful of candy!   –Zack, 3

–Happiness is catching the boy I have a crush on staring at me in class!  –Katie, 14

–Happiness is a day off with nothing to do but nothing.  –Denise, 46

–Happiness is winning at bingo!  –JoAnn,  74

–Happiness is the gift of quiet!  –Sandy, 40

–Happiness is a good book to read or a new game on the Wii.  –Max, 6

–A doctor friend of mine had a 96 year old patient who when asked how he was stated “I’m happy any day I wake up on this side of the grass and not underneath it.”

For most, happiness is the simple things in life, not extreme wealth or material things.  Don’t overlook the simple things when trying to decide what happiness is to you.

Independent filmmaker, author, happiness coach and speaker Lisa Cypers Kamen creates these blogs to entertain, enlighten and educate us as we each undertake our own personal search for happiness.  Happiness is an Inside Job. To contact Lisa, email her directly at lisa@whatisyourhappiness.com and check out her website at www.whatisyourhappiness.com .


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