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By Lisa Cypers Kamen, What is Your Happiness?

What is Your Happiness by Lisa Cypers Kamen

What is Your Happiness by Lisa Cypers Kamen

1.  Smile—There is an old saying “Smile and the world smiles with you.”  There isn’t a more true statement out there.  When you smile it’s infectious and those around you will find it difficult not to smile back.

2.  Look in the mirror—When you get up each morning look in the mirror and say to yourself—“Today is going to be a great day!” You are the only one in control of your destiny.  There is something to be said for self-fulfilling prophecy—if you keep repeating it you start to believe it and once you believe it, it WILL be a great day.

3.  Cut out the negativity in your life– Take an introspective look at your life.  Seek out the source of any negativity in  your life and consciously eliminate it.  If it’s a negative person that you are associating with you need to talk to them, let them know that their negativity is affecting you and your relationship with them—they may not realize they are being so negative.

4.  Take time for you—Set aside a few minutes each day for you, just you.  Use this time to rest and regroup.  You can take a walk, read a book, take a bath, or just sit down and relax.  This “me” time will rejuvenate you and in turn increase your happiness.

So, use these few simple steps and boost your happiness today!

Independent filmmaker, author, happiness coach and speaker Lisa Cypers Kamen creates these blogs to entertain, enlighten and educate us as we each undertake our own personal search for happiness.  Happiness is an Inside Job. To contact Lisa, email her directly at lisa@whatisyourhappiness.com and check out her website at www.whatisyourhappiness.com .


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