H-Factor Where Is Your Heart



By Lisa Cypers Kamen

Everyone defines happiness differently. It makes sense, as no two people are alike. The way you define happiness in your life may be likened to a person’s fingerprint – no two are alike. You need to ask yourself, Am I looking for the happy moments in my life? Am I defining happiness in a way that brings me to a positive place in my life? You may even want to ask yourself, How am I defining happiness?

In previous blogs, I’ve mentioned writing down one thing every day that made you happy or starting a gratitude journal is another way to approach things. This can help you to define those happy moments in your life.

Just remember that happiness starts with you. You have the power to make positive things happen in your life and no one else can do that for you. You just have to look for those happy moments in your life- they don’t have to be big either. It can be something as simple as watching your child take their first step or say their first word. Then again, it may be something big such as getting your first house or getting married.




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