H-Factor Where Is Your Heart



By Lisa Cypers Kamen

You’ve heard the phrase “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Have you ever thought about what that means? It really means that even in the darkest times (clouds) there is a silver lining (something good) if you look for it. It’s the same in nature with literal dark clouds – if you look close enough, a little bit of sun is peeking through.

When you get up in the morning, it seems like everything is going wrong. The kids aren’t dressed, their lunches aren’t made, and you aren’t as “put together” as you would like to be. It may not be something as simple as that- maybe your marriage is ending or you’ve quit or lost your job. Finding something positive in those or other situations may seem almost impossible, especially when they first happen. Most people however can find one good thing that happened in their day.

If you’ve quit your job, when you find a new one you may discover that it is even better than the one you had before. It just might be your silver lining – be sure you are looking out for it.




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