H-Factor Where Is Your Heart


By Lisa Cypers Kamen, H-Factor…Where is Your Heart

Being positive whenever possible makes you and those around you feel good. How can you do that? The following acronym should give you some ideas.

P – People. What kind of people are you surrounding yourself with? Try to be around those who are positive and avoid negative people whenever possible.

O – Optimism. Find the optimism in your life even if it’s a small thing.swing

S – Smile. Something as simple as that can change your mood from negative to positive in a matter of seconds. You can also contribute to someone else’s well-being by smiling. It just might brighten their day!

I – Interest. Find something that interests you and makes you happy. It could be learning to crochet, scrapbooking, horseback riding, puzzles…the list is endless. You might even find something that interests your child or teach them something and that will bring you both some happiness.

T – Try. This may seem simple, but if you try to be positive as much as possible, it can be pretty amazing how quickly things change in your life.

I – Inventory. Take inventory or stock of your life and circumstances and find the positive things that are there.

V – Vacate. Put more simply, leave areas or situations where there is negative talk. This will help you to keep your positive attitude!

E – Endure. Endure trials and challenges that come into your life. This isn’t always easy, but if you can find even one positive thing while you endure, then that is something.

Hopefully the above ideas will help you to stay positive. They are by no means a complete list nor does everyone have the same circumstances.

Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to open your arms and bring an abundance of joy, love, happiness, success and material wealth into your life?  Are you ready to start living the life you want, not the life you have?

If so, the Harvesting Happiness™ life coaching programs are for you! Creating a wonderful life doesn’t just happen. It comes from choices you make everyday – even the smallest choices can have the biggest results.  Our coaching programs can help you created the live you want and the life that fulfills you!

You can change the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical patterns that are keeping you stuck where you are and preventing you from being where you want to be.  Find the secret to enjoying your life more fully no matter where you are in your journey. Harvesting Happiness™ gives you the power to create your life now.  For more information and your complimentary session please contact Lisa at 310-753-6399 or by email at lisa@harvestinghappiness.com.


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