H-Factor Where Is Your Heart


Colorful Fireworks over LakeBy Lisa Cypers Kamen, H-Factor…Where is Your Heart

Your outlook on life and overall well-being can be linked to your perspective. It goes back to the old question, Is the glass half full or half empty? What lens am I going to look at my life through? Will I choose the lens where I see the positive and cope with the negative to the best of my ability or the lens where I see the negative and can’t find the positive in my life?

In his talk The Last Lecture, Professor Randy Pausch talked about perspective and how to look at situations in life by introducing the Tigger vs. Eyeore debate. He said that people could choose to either be a Tigger – a person who looked for the positive things in their life and had a “bounce in their step” so to speak or they could be an Eyeore – and look at the negative things in life.

Yes, Professor Pausch dealt with a lot when facing his pancreatic cancer- and I am sure there were many days when he was nearly beaten down to his knees – maybe even wanting to take the Eyeore outlook on whatever he was going through, but somewhere inside himself he was able to get back up and look at everything from the Tigger perspective.

There may be days when it seems nearly impossible to find any positive thing in your life and it isn’t always easy, but you can choose how you perceive whatever you are facing. You can decide which side of the Tigger or Eyeore debate you are on. After all, happiness is an inside job.

Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to open your arms and bring an abundance of joy, love, happiness, success and material wealth into your life?  Are you ready to start living the life you want, not the life you have?

If so, the Harvesting Happiness™ life coaching programs are for you! Creating a wonderful life doesn’t just happen. It comes from choices you make everyday – even the smallest choices can have the biggest results.  Our coaching programs can help you created the live you want and the life that fulfills you!

You can change the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical patterns that are keeping you stuck where you are and preventing you from being where you want to be.  Find the secret to enjoying your life more fully no matter where you are in your journey. Harvesting Happiness™ gives you the power to create your life now.  For more information and your complimentary session please contact Lisa at 310-753-6399 or by email at lisa@harvestinghappiness.com.


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