H-Factor Where Is Your Heart


By Lisa Cypers Kamen

It isn’t hard to recognize hope and courage in an individual if you know what qualities you are looking for. But how do we define hope? How do we define courage? Does someone have to be suffering with an incurable illness to be defined as a courageous person? Think about those questions for a minute and answer them for yourself.Spring Trees

Now try to name people you know personally who demonstrate hope and courage. What is their outlook on life? How do they demonstrate these qualities in the things they say and do?

Next, try naming people who are considered “famous” who demonstrate or have demonstrated hope and courage in the face of life-changing, life-threatening illnesses? A few names that come to mind right away are:

Michael J. Fox, who has, as the title of his book suggests, “an incurable optimism” that is contagious! Yes, he faces challenges every day because of his Parkinson’s….but he doesn’t let it stop him from living.

Patrick Swayze, who fought so hard for 20 months against pancreatic cancer. He knew it was in stage four but he still had hope, courage, fight and determination to live with it for as long as he could.

These two examples showcase people with a challenge or illness….that isn’t by any means the only way a person can demonstrate hope or courage. Anyone who takes a stand for something they believe in can be defined as courageous.

Look for hope in your life – you can find it if you search for it! It is continued hope, optimism and courage that can help shine the way on darkest days. It is in the choices we make.

Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to open your arms and bring an abundance of joy, love, happiness, success and material wealth into your life?  Are you ready to start living the life you want, not the life you have?

If so, the Harvesting Happiness™ life coaching programs are for you! Creating a wonderful life doesn’t just happen. It comes from choices you make everyday – even the smallest choices can have the biggest results.  Our coaching programs can help you created the live you want and the life that fulfills you!

You can change the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical patterns that are keeping you stuck where you are and preventing you from being where you want to be.  Find the secret to enjoying your life more fully no matter where you are in your journey. Harvesting Happiness™ gives you the power to create your life now.  For more information and your complimentary session please contact Lisa at 310-753-6399 or by email at lisa@harvestinghappiness.com.


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