H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

What is Your Happiness? Choice by Lisa Cypers Kamen

By Lisa Kamen – Happiness Documentary

Are you living life consciously or unconsciously?  We have more control over our future than we may realize.  When we begin to understand the power of choice and its role in the future which is yet to unfold, we begin to see that our past, present and future is a direct result of our choices.  The bottom line is that when we become very clear and very conscious about the choices we are making, we will make very happy, conscious, deliberate choices for ourselves. Rose

            So, when we are making choices in our life, we must ask ourselves, are we consciously choosing what will bring us happiness and fulfillment?  Making these kinds of choices can be somewhat confusing if we are unclear about our responsibilities versus the responsibilities that belong to others.   We often make choices depending on what we think we should do or what others expect from us.  Here, we must stop and take a moment to consciously choose what is best for us and what will create happiness in our life.  We must get in touch with our H-Factor.

This does not mean that we disregard the happiness of the other people in our life.  It means that we take responsibility for our own happiness while we support those around us in making the same choices for themselves.  We operate from a baseline of self-respect and self-worth while at the same time, applying the very same principle of respect and worth to others.  No longer do we look to others to sustain our happiness, and we are no longer obligated to fulfill another’s need for happiness.  We are in relationship as fully sovereign and responsible beings.  We take charge of creating our H-Factor through conscious choice.  Happiness is a choice.

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Great article! Happiness really is a choice and realizing that we are responsible for our own happiness, not someone or something outside of us, provides the freedom to consciously choose those things we know will create our happiness. :0)

Comment by Rhonda Olsen

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