H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

What is Your Happiness? Children By Lisa Cypers Kamen

By Lisa Kamen

More than anything else, parents want their children to be happy.  In today’s society, most parents go out of their way to give all they can to their kids.  This translates to a continuous flow of activities, play dates, toys and more.  The question then becomes, does this help build a happy child?  Is this where the focus of a parent should be?Sail boats

            The obvious answer at the outset is that providing for the needs of our children is a basic responsibility that every parent has.  But beyond fulfilling the basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and stimulation, where does happiness come from?  What is our H-Factor and how do we instill happiness in our children? 

            The truth is that happiness is an internal state of being.  The most important thing we can do for our children is help them find their inner peace and balance.  We can help our kids find this place within themselves by providing a soft, safe, nurturing setting where they can simply be with themselves without the distraction of television, computers, telephones and other such diversions.

            This supports a child in connecting with their inner state of being where happiness is birthed.  When we take a walk outside, sit by a bubbling brook or under a magnificent oak, we take a precious moment to reconnect with ourselves.  We can teach our kids how to do this as well.  This is a skill that they will carry throughout their lifetime and is as valuable as their academic studies.

Teach your children how to choose happiness and make time for this conscious choice.  It’s easy…choose.  Create the time and the space to choose.  For more exiting information about H-Factor, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com.


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