H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

What is Your Happiness? Stress by Lisa Cypers Kamen

By Lisa Cypers Kamen

Stress, as we all know, is a major contributing factor to disease as well as an endless list of mental and physical ailments.  It seems that the phone is always ringing, the television is blaring, and the running to and fro is endless. Our jobs are highly demanding and consuming of our time and energy.  Our children’s lives are filled daily with play dates, sports events, dance lessons, music lessons and more.  Our pets need their fair share of attention too.  Then, we must factor in our social life because this is a necessary and healthy outlet from stress, yet it also adds momentum to the craziness of our lives.  Where does all this leave us?  It leaves us in a state of frenetic existence.Liliy pond
There is no question that the stress of everyday life is at an all time high during this current day and age.  It’s just the way it is.  As much as we might try to slow things down a bit, there is very little we seem to be able to control.  As it turns out, we must make the most of the quiet time we are in possession of as there is so precious little of it available.
And amidst the stress of daily life, where is our happiness in all of this?  What is our H-Factor?  Do we even have time to think about it?  Is it that our lives are so controlled by external events that we don’t even have the opportunity to consider what makes us happy?  Can we be happy in the midst of this chaotic existence we call life?
The answer is that we do have the opportunity to be happy for it is simply a matter of choice.  Choice is a powerful tool we always have at our disposal that is uncomplicated, free and efficient.   We make life so complex when try to figure out how to be happy.  Yet happiness is sweet.  Happiness is simple.  Happiness is a choice. 
In spite of our hectic schedule and the intense demands of our day, we can be happy.  After all, we are the ones in charge, are we not?  Choose happiness.  It is probably the easiest choice you can make today and every day.  For more information about H-Factor, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more exciting details.


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