H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

What is Your Happiness: FOCUS by Lisa Cypers Kamen

By Lisa Kamen

How many times a day do we feel irritated and annoyed by the behaviors of the people around us?  The mere experience of being human means that we have to put up with the petty insults and superficial judgments that are randomly shot in our direction.    Depending on our level of tolerance, we find ourselves anywhere from slightly perturbed to completely incensed when we are the brunt of someone else’s inconsideration.   What follows is the inner mental dialog that struggles to figure out what just happened.  The fact is people can be difficult to deal with and hard to understand.  Stress is a big contributor to the problem, and no one escapes unscathed. sunflowers

            It would seem that our inner peace is at stake here.  It appears that as the world moves at a faster and faster pace, we should expect to sacrifice a certain measure of our happiness. Our happiness, or our H-Factor, is constantly put to the test.  Does this mean that we have no choice but to suffer the consequences of an out-of-control society?  Absolutely not.  You have the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, and that secret weapon is choice.

            Although this may sound easier said than done, if you focus on what matters to you, you can’t help but choose happiness.  If you choose to focus on what make you happy rather than what irritates you, you have just taken your first step along the yellow brick road.  You are now on your way to the Emerald City.  You always have a choice, and when you apply that power to your happiness, your will see the world quite differently.

            If you would like more information about H-Factor visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more exciting details.


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