H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Busy Living and Happiness by Lisa Cypers Kamen, What is Your Happiness

By Lisa Cypers Kamen



            Happiness can be such a simple thing.  We are so busy living within this fast-paced world of work, accomplishment, and survival that we completely forget to appreciate the little things.  When we take the time to feel the warmth of the sunshine on our face, or pet our dog, or breathe in the aroma of a cup of tea, or look out over the horizon, we essentially stop time and take a moment to live.  We take a moment to experience the simple yet delightful pleasures of life.

            Taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers is a choice.  We tend to put these things off in favor of tending to our responsibilities.  Our lives have become so busy with the activities of daily living that we simply don’t make time for a moment of simple pleasure.  However, we can choose to get off the train at any time.  You see, when we understand that our life is the result of a sequence of choices, we are empowered to design our day to embody anything that might bring us joy and happiness.  We find that our happiness, or our H-Factor, is a choice.  And, we do have the power and control to take a step away from our responsibilities to experience happiness in all its glorious simplicity.

            I can only imagine the health benefits, physically, psychologically and spiritually, when we choose to do this.  When we choose to enjoy the fragrance of a flower, or the twinkle in a child’s eyes, or the sweetness of a stranger’s smile, or a good, long laugh, I imagine that we change our body chemistry in profound ways that serve us over the long term.

We choose our moments of happiness, and we choose our overall happiness.  What is your happiness?  What is your H-Factor?  Today, choose a moment of simple pleasure.   For more information about H-Factor, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more intriguing information.



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