H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

To Want, To Wish, To Desire by Lisa Cypers Kamen, What is Your Happiness


By Lisa Cypers Kamen


I want, I wish, I desire, only if…are some of the phrases we use to violetsdescribe an ambiguous point in our future when we will have what we think we need to be happy.  In the present moment, we are left feeling unfulfilled.  We are living with a sense of longing for a brighter future.  We are hoping to change our current situation so that we can finally, finally be happy.  And what are the things we need to be happy?  A relationship? A new home? A new car? A new job? New toys? 


There are many, many requirements we have for happiness.  How long are we going to wait until we decide that we are happy whether or not our life changes to meet our expectations?  Quite possibly our expectations are blocking the road to happiness.  After all, we can be happy right here and right now if we choose it.

          Our H-Factor, or our happiness factor, is not dependent on external circumstances.   We live in a material world where success and status is measured by the quantity of material possessions we acquire, and this persuades us to believe that we will find happiness through acquisition of possessions.   We spend many years of our lives acquiring the things we think will bring us happiness. In a sense, we become bowls with holes never able to be filled up completely or satisfied with what is present.

Of course, there can be great enjoyment and pleasure in material belongings, but beneath it all, this is not the source of our happiness.  Our happiness comes from a deep and untouchable place within us.  When we stop seeking the answer to our happiness from the outside world, we realize that happiness is a state of being that exists within us.  All we need to do to find nirvana is make a choice.  We can choose to be happy.  We ultimately find our happiness within the inner sanctum of ourselves.

What is your happiness?  What is your H-Factor?  Choose.  For more information about H-Factor, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more exciting information.







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