H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Creating a Happy Life by Lisa Cypers Kamen of What is Your Happiness

 Can we create a happy life for ourselves?  The key word here is “create.”  Do we cultivate a happy life when we choose to live a life of creativity and passion? Does the secret to our ultimate happiness lie in the mere choosing of it? You see, everyone is creative.  When we expand our definition of creativity to include far more than the fine arts, we come to realize that all life is art, and we can apply our unlimited creativity and individual expression in any direction we choose.
At this particular point in history, we are at a beautiful crossroads for profound creativity to come forth.  The future existence of humanity depends on the birth of new ideas to change how we have been living up to now.  We must find new ways to fuel our vehicles and heat our homes.  We must discover news ways of healing the body, mind and spirit.  We must continue to make revolutionary advancements in education and government.  We must find new ways to sustain and purify our environment.  We must apply our new ideas and creative solutions to boost our ailing economy.
Not to make light of any of the critical issues we are facing, but we can forage ahead in happiness in spite of these crises.  We can simply choose to be happy.  We can draw upon our-H-Factor.  We can then choose to use our grand creative potential to solve some of the problems we’re facing whether they are personal or global in nature.  We can, in spite of it all, enjoy the journey. 
For more information about H-Factor, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more exciting information.


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