H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Control over Our Destiny by Lisa Cypers Kamen of What is Your Happiness.

            Having control over our destiny is something we strive for.  There are many, many things we do to bring security, comfort and opportunity to our lives.  We all work very hard to achieve the goals that we think will bring us the happiness we deserve.  And we are determined to persevere.  Innovation and creativity is something we pride ourselves on.   Once we have met a goal, we set forth yet another, and another and another.  This is not a bad thing…this is what it means to be in charge of our lives and our happiness, isn’t it?  But there comes a point when we tire of the quest for happiness through external sources.  Of course, it is important to have purpose in life.  Yet, happiness may be exclusive from our drives and desires that seem to fulfill our destiny. 

            The possibility that happiness can be a constant in out lives is worthy of consideration.  After all, we come to find out that controlling our future is not necessarily something we are completely in charge of.  When we tire of the struggle to maintain control over jobs, relationships, achievements and such, we at last surrender to a state of acceptance.  We tell ourselves that what will be, will be, and this is certainly not an untruth.  We come to a state of acceptance and of peace.  The desire to have goals and opportunities still exists, but these are no longer the reason we are at peace.  Somehow, when we choose to let go of the struggle, life becomes a whole lot easier.  And in most cases, everything works out just fine.

It is clear, then, that happiness comes from within.  It appears that happiness cannot be defined by achievements, goals, relationships or anything else for that matter.  Our happiness, or our H-Factor, is a state of being that is a simple choice we make when we give up the struggle.

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