H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Stress and Happiness

Life today is full of stressors for all of us.  In a rapidly changing world, we can easily get lost in our challenges, difficulties, and heartaches.  At the very least, the pace of life today is not conducive to a peaceful existence.  We are often akin to hamsters running frenetically upon hamster wheels, busily accomplishing one task after another.  And does all this “doing” make us happy?  Are we getting what we want from life?  Are we living each day from our point of passion?

          The answer is often limited.  The answer is often plagued with denial.  The answer is often based upon our belief that if we stopped doing all the things we are doing, then the world would fall apart. Who would we be without this story?  We seduce ourselves into believing that the happiness of others is our responsibility.  But what if the formula we live by is askew?  What if we let go of our central role in providing for the happiness of others?  As we gasp out loud and frown with consternation at the audacity of this statement, consider this: what if everyone was responsible for his or her own happiness?  What if our job alone was to ensure our own personal happiness, our H-Factor?  Does it sound selfish?  It isn’t.  It is actually self-full and self-honoring. According to the US Declaration of Independence, “ Life, Liberty and Happiness” are unalienable rights and part of the fabric of American life.


And what if the answer to getting happy was really quite simple?  Choice.  Do you choose happiness or is your happiness overshadowed by all the beliefs you have about it?  For more intriguing details, check out www.whatisyourhappiness.com.


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