H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Spirituality and Happiness

Where do we find happiness?  How do we find happiness?  Why are happy people happy?  And why are unhappy people unhappy?  These are legitimate questions with some surprising answers.   The topic of happiness has actually been the subject of intense scientific investigation.  One very interesting finding is that religious or spiritual people are happier than the rest of the population.

When we find ourselves saying, “I just want to be happy,” does this mean we should join our neighborhood church, synagogue, mosque or temple?  For some people, this might be an answer to finding their happiness.  It appears that there is something meaningful, comforting and supportive to be found within the walls of religious organizations.  In addition, religious organizations are often places of fellowship, guidance, support and even entertainment.  Are these the reasons why religious or spiritual people are happy?  Or do we need to look deeper to find the answer to the connection between spirituality and happiness. Conversely, there are a vast amount of non-believers or Freethinkers amongst us with strong conviction that not believing in God does not beget happiness and fulfillment. In fact, living a kind, decent and productive life produces enduring happiness.

Living a spiritual life is a deeply personal experience.  Spirituality can certainly be cultivated without religious teachings.  Enlightenment unfolds as a result of the myriad of life experiences from which no soul is barred.  Yet it appears that happy spiritual people have found an important answer as yet to be revealed to the rest of the world.

For more thought-provoking information about discovering your happiness, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com. 


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