H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Relationships and Happiness

For many of us, the relationships in our life provide stability, support, friendship and love.  As human beings, we are innately social beings.  Our lives are an intricate series of relationships, some of which last a lifetime and others which are fleeting.  The face of our relationships may change over time as well; as we change, our relationships change.  How then do we maintain our personal happiness given the dynamic nature of relationships?  Is it the loving and supportive relationships in our life that bring us lasting happiness?  Is finding our true love, soul mate or best friend the answer to living a lifetime of bliss and contentment?  Or does our happiness exist regardless of the relationships we cultivate?

            Loneliness is all too frequently a human condition more often than not.  Although we may be surrounded by relationships of all kinds, we often feel alone and on our own.  Companies that promise to match us with our ideal mate have become big business in the United States.  In today’s world, online dating has become one of the most popular methods for finding a partner.  Every year, we spend millions of dollars on our love life.  Is the answer to finding our happiness to be found in our romantic life?  Is dinner and dancing with that special someone the H-Factor we all need?  Is sharing our life with someone who loves and cherishes us the answer?  And, of course, there’s sex.  Is sex a big “H” on the H-factor scale?  No doubt in the moment it is.  But beyond the moment, what is the reason for perfect and lasing happiness?

In our desperate search for a lover, have we overlooked the obvious?  Is happiness a state of being that exists regardless of the relationships we share with others? Or…is the relationship to ourself and with ourself the heart of the matter?  Finding wholeness and completion within ourselves is one of the great teachings of sages and mystics throughout the ages.  Just maybe they were on to something.  Quite possibly, we will find our lasting happiness by looking inside ourselves rather than outside of ourselves.  To learn more about H-Factor, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more exciting information.


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