H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Money and Happiness

How do you personally define abundance? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Do you live an abundant life? Do you immediately associate abundance with your low-res-bw-4happiness? Abundance is a term with many varied definitions.  The first definition most of us associate with the word “abundance” is money.   Does money make you happy?  And if it does, does that happiness lead to lasting fulfillment?  None of us will deny that having the basic necessities of life, such as a warm home, nutritious food, and enough money to sustain our existence in a reasonable manner, is a fundamental requirement for happiness…or is it?

            Where does happiness come from?  How do we get it? And how do we maintain it?   Will more money, more possessions, more material goods, and more “things” in general bring us the happiness we so desire?  No doubt, having money brings a certain security to life…it makes the ride more comfortable. Does it create lasting happiness?  And exactly what is abundance? Is abundance simply enough or is it oversufficient? Abundance is something we all have in varying degrees, depending on our definition.  For example, we may have abundance in the area of relationships.  We may have abundance in the area of creativity.  We may have abundance in the domain of wisdom.  And, yes, we may have abundance when it comes to money.  So then, where does happiness come from?  Money is just one factor that may contribute to happiness.  And does abundance, in its many definitions, contribute to lasting happiness as well? Can you be abundantly happy without an abundance of “stuff”? Does being satiated on one or multiple levels lead to bliss?

            The bottom line is that we are each individually responsible for finding our answer, our H-Factor.  Yet, research points to the fact that happiness is an inner state of being that ultimately exists regardless of external circumstances.  To learn more about H-Factor, contact www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more exciting information. 


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