H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Happiness Yearning

low-res-21            Inside each one of us, there is a yearning for something more.  This yearning calls out from deep within our hearts, yet we can’t seem to define what it is and where it comes from.  But the calling is there.  We search far and wide to fill this space in our hearts.  We fill it with all sorts of material things.  We fill it with goals.  We fill it with conversations with friends and loved ones.  We fill it with activities.  We fill it with anything that keeps us from feeling the presence of this yearning.  But, again and again, when we are alone and our world is quiet, the yearning is still there.


When will we find our contentment? Are we merely bowls with holes unable to be adequately filled? How do we find our happiness?  When will the searching and the yearning end?  What is our H-Factor? At what point do we ever feel satisfied? What is enough? Happiness often appears to be conditional upon our life circumstances.  If all aspects of our life are in order, and everything fits neatly into the little boxes defined by our expectations, then are we happy?  As we know all too well, life rarely unfolds according to our expectations.  Life is dynamic and ever-changing.  Oddly, as life takes us along on her journey, we are required to shift and change as well.  And as these changes take place, we find ourselves becoming more than we thought we were.   When we look back on who we were in earlier days, we find that we are happier now with the life we are living even though it may not be the life we thought we’d be living.  Life is a curious thing. Life happens while we make plans.


Happiness may seem rooted in some ephemeral place that we continue to yearn for.  But the truth is that happiness is a choice.  We can continue to search for our happiness or we can simply make a decision that no matter what life brings our way, we are going to be happy.  We choose happiness.  We choose it.   If you would like more exciting information about H-Factor, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com for more intriguing details.


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