H-Factor Where Is Your Heart

Achievement Happiness

Are high-achievers happier than the rest of the population?  Is there a relationship between goal achievement and happiness?  Curiously, there are people who have achieved great things in life but aren’t necessarily happy.  Conversely, there are those who have achieved very little by today’s standards yet seem to be quite content.

            This is a question worthy of contemplation.  An ever broader question pertains to the concept of one’s purpose beyond the concept of goal achievement.  If we feel we have a purpose in life are we happier?  If our existence serves others, do we experience a greater degree of happiness?  And if this is so, should we be rethinking and redefining our goals and our purpose in life?  It seems that one question begs another. We need to sort this matter out.  Indeed, our happiness depends on it.

            This leads us to search within ourselves to find our own personal brand of happiness.  When we are busily achieving our goals or serving a purpose, we feel energized and engaged.  But once we have met our goals and fulfilled our purpose, what then?   Are we satisfied?  Have we found that deep sense of lasting contentment?  Or do we then go about setting new goals or seeking a new purpose?  It appears that our happiness may be conditional upon our choices and activities.  Happiness, in this case, is based on external circumstances.

However, quite possibly, happiness comes from a different place altogether.  And the answer may surprise you.  As with all things in life, we have a choice.  Happiness, like everything else, is a choice.  To find out more about happiness and discovering yours, visit www.whatisyourhappiness.com. 



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